Vienna Escort Guide


Vienna Escort DateVienna Student Escort provide the very intimate girlfriend experience if you are looking for a experience with a lot of gentle touching, kisses and hugs. We only provide outcall escort services in Vienna urban areas. You can spend time with one of our escort ladies in a hotel room or apartment.


Our services are personalized to your requirements. Perhaps you want your special lady to dress up in a particular way. Please make us aware of your needs, so we can attend to them.


Expect the Vienna escort girl to take about an hour to get to you. In some case she may arrive sooner, but an hour is normal. Being disrespectful, abusive, overly intoxicated or having unexpected people present are grounds to terminate the appointment.


Payment is obligatory within the first 10 minutes of the meeting, which is just enough time to make sure you like the girl. In case you decide to cancel the meeting for whatever reason before paying the full sum, please note that a firm fee of 20€ is incurred for girl's transportation.


How to treat an escort:


  • Be a gentleman and offer her a drink.
  • Never ask the escort lady for her private number.
  • Models must be treated with respect and you must act as a gentleman.
  • Please pay at the beginning of your date, without the escort having to ask for it.
  • Make sure you have taken a shower an have brushed your teeth before the escort girl arrives.


Ladies have the right to refuse a client in some situations:


  • The client is drunk or under the drugs effect.
  • The client refuse to pay at the beginning of the appointment.
  • The client want try to make something against escort approval.
  • Personal health and/or hygiene status of a client is not at the sufficient level.
  • If the client brings with him some toys and wants to use them without previous agreement.


Vienna Student Escort Service


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